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Can I fly above my garrison?

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I have been given permission to T/O from my local sports fields but my route takes me over the local garrison.

Although the garrison is not marked as a “R” or “D” on my map, I went to the garrison reception and explained my intensions and asked if this would cause any issues.

I explained that I adhere to UK airlaw and that I don’t like to be used as target practice!

The garrison does have some helicopter activity which is approved by some senior person who is now going to look at my request.

My question is “Is the army able to deny me the use of airspace above the garrison?” I ask this as the entrance is guarded by armed forces 24/7 which indicates that they must be very security conscience.

Will my request prompt a “R” or “D” restriction?

Can anybody give me any insight as I am expecting a call from the big banana tomorrow.


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Hi Alan,

The Garrison has been expanding in the last two years and although not in the middle of town its not remote either.

Field = 51°52′26.96″N 0°52′41.70″E

South East across the road is where the garrison boundary starts (If you zoom in you'll see all the gear)

Regarding clear ground: Yes plenty of sites to land (South = long strip, Southwest = small school field, West = large school field & North = Large school field )

Depending on wind direction I would say yes I do need to cross it. The only plus is that I can use the field further North (Same field but 200m further north) which gives me a greater chance to steer clear.

I just want to play it safe should I need to cross it!


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show us a link to it on google earth or maps, you shouldn,t fly over buildings (a collection of), but if you are taking off or landing......... if its not notified or on an air map then how would you know if you were passing through??

i have a similar situation with a prison, i do a tight turn as soon as im airbourne and keep all flight logs on google earth just incase i ever get pulled

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Having had some discussions about the location with other pilots I have come to the conclusion that I have to agree as its to sensative!

I have another site but was greedy as this site is closer to my home.

I am thinking of just using this location for ground handeling! but the question is still valid. "If no "R" or "D" is showing on map can I fly over this site?" and if so at what alitude?


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Although I have decided not to take any unnecessary risk by using the field for T/O I did want an answer to my question.

Today I received a call from the Garrison Sergeant Major and after a brief but direct grilling I have been told that there is no issue flying over the garrison.

A few rules (all the suspected): no photography, No Video, Avoid any MOD aviation, Check NOTAMs .....


PPG Vs. MOD 1 - 0


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