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End of august FLY IN


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Busy with the Instructors course at the moment but this is one of the best places to fly

You have the Severn estuary, Offas dyke, ,Tintern abbey and the wye valley all within 10 miles.

for the kids and non flyers there is a mini steam railway a full size steam railway, clearwell caves and puzzel wood where a lot of films have been shot including the latest Robin Hood all within 10 miles.

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Sounds like a prefect site – especially over the Bank holidays when you need to keep clear of the coast. Fly-in near the coast must be viewed for the next one thou.

Talking about the coast – Flying Doc is doing well, but some crappy weather is coming up – brings back memories of Dartmoor :)


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I have just returned home from the Instructors course and due to circumstances beyond my control

The FLY-IN will have to be POSTPONED until the last half of SEPTEMBER.

I can only apologise for this delay and hope it will not affect your plans to much.

I will confirm the new date as soon as I can.

Pete b

Once again very sorry for messing you all about.

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