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Flyin and party in Sussex


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The Southern Hang gliding Club, which includes paragliding and a fair few paramotorists, is having their annual party on my farm in Pulborough on the 11th of September. There should be quite a lot going on and pilots from other clubs are welcome

Go to their website for more information at http://www.shgc.org.uk/bbq

Tickets are £10 for the party, There is plenty of space for Camping on site and the organizers are talking about all sorts of flying related activities such as a reserve repack clinic. as well as a few trade stands for the local flying schools There will be a hog roast and other food and drink available.

I have a very good site for paramotoring and all are welcome to come and fly on the Saturday and Sunday

Postcode for the site is RH20 2HZ, though we will be having the Party in a field across the farm with access from Nutbourn lane.

Cheers Seymore

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Hi Seymore,

I know I promised that I would come to the next one when I spoke to you at Dunsfold, but I cant make this one due to running the instructors course at the moment.

Maybe the next one :-)


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This looks like the last shindig of the Summer, lets hope the weather co operates

It looks like the Southern hang gliding and paragliding club are putting on quite a big event on my farm this coming weekend. I spoke to the organizer, the loverly Catherine and she says you can pay at the door ( £10 & kids free ) for any of you paramotorists who are leaving it to the last minute to see what the weather is going to do. I have a great site for flying from, top of the hill with gently sloping fields facing most directions and great views. Camping on site and we can do some scenic flights down to the coast and over Arundel castle and the South Downs.

Please let me know if you are thinking of coming along. Cheers Seymore

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Hi Seymore,

We met at your last flyin, but I was waiting on a new frame.

In the end I decided to build my own. I have now finished it and I am looking for someone else to cast a careful eye over it before it is flown. Do you have someplace that I could do a hang test from and would you (or anyone else) be willing to check the new machine over.

If you are feeling very brave you could even do the test flight for me :)

What is you oppinion of the weather tommorow.

Also will it be ok to come up to the farm even if I cant stay for the party.



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Hi Barry and hi Paul.

I don,t know if I will have much time to mess with barry's new setup, but bring it along and lets see check it over, and Paul there will be a few dogs around so if it is well behaved thats fine.

Looks possible for a flight on saturday, and sunday looks great. Lots of people turning up so should be fun.

For flying I have a takeoff and leave the area policy, so no flying around in circles , it is too noisy for the neighbors

Have fun and see you tomorrow


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