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I personally wouldnt give a sh*t if they were banned and I wanted to fit one

(actually I dont want to fit one).....as I will stick to the throw type behind my head.....

the reason is ....and its a big one I used to know a bloke who asked the CAA ..((.campaign against aviation.)) wheather he could fit one to his microlight...and they said No he couldnt...so he didnt

a few months later he lost control of his aircraft at low level he had no chance and in he went..he paid the ultimate price and is no longer with us ...if he had fitted a balistic chute against advice...and broke the law..he might have had a chance a small one it might have been but it could have made all the difference...

I hope the guy at the CAA who made such a crazy decision rots in H**L......you only have one life and its yours nobody should have the right to make a life saving device illegal....its bollocks....if I ever choose to fit one it will be My choice

(nuff said)

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