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Las Candelas 2010 Paramotor Festival - 6 months late!

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Las Candelas 2010 - Jan/Feb this year.

Apologies for it taking me 6 months to edit this together.

I moved to new hardware (gopro HD, macbook pro, etc)

I moved to new software (final cut pro)

My dog ate the original edits.


However, with no further delays, here is my first real effort at a 'Paramotor music video'.

HD: so if stuttery, yer PC is slow - reduce to 360p and wait for buffer again.

It IS set to music - most of the delay was spending weeks editing it to something, then deciding something different worked better and starting again.

So - get the speakers on.

Sorry for the ads - its the music licencing - just click the X once to close :-)

comments as always, welcome.

Next - the outtakes reel. I promise that won't take another 6 months!



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he he

yeh I was trying to capture the way I think we all feel over a flight:

1) the stress of setting up, cocking up, trying again, should I give up or give it another go.

2) ahhh in the air

3) whew, landed. fun over.. now just grunt work of getting the stuff back to the van.. then the massive relief that it all went well and you are still alive :-)

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