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Paramotor Dimensions


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Hi All,

Having been let down with the supply of the previous frame I ordered I have decided to build my own.

I am quite a long way on, but I need some average dimensions if possible.

I am trying to work out the distance between the hang point. I remeber in the past reading it sould be something like 42 - 50 cm.

But not enough to be sure, the old frame was about 38 cm and I am quite big (read as wide \ not tall) and it was a real struggle to get in to it.

I also need a new harness so would like to make sure that when I order one it will fit whatever I make here. So it would be good if you could also tell me the harnees you use as well.

I will also set up a seperate thread with progress in case any one is interested.

Many Thanks.

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