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Flat Top Paramotors - Any Good?


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Does anyone fly the 'unbreakable' Flat Top Paramotor and have you managed to break it yet?

Have you managed to break the prop?

Have you had a hard landing?

We're looking for a Paramotor that will take some fairly hefty knocks without having to replace props all of the time for Schooling use.

I have seen the Flat Top test crashed several times and the prop survived every time where other Paramotors and Props would have been a little worse for wear!


Richard X

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Hi Richard

Had mine 2 years and 120 hours clocked. Be hard to break a prop I reckon. Only problem I had was a couple of times an exhaust stud sheared where the silencer bracket meets the redrive boss. Just have to remember to change them every so often. Or buy the new model which has a rubber mounted silencer and a quick release harness.

I'm likely to get the new one soon.

You couldn't choose a better unit for tuition. The skids keep students arses off the ground and make it very robust. Also offers unparalelled protection from prop / body contact .

The 120 cc model is very light at 22 kilos but might be a bit weak on power for the 15 stone guys. The 200 Simmo is the best but weighs 29 kilos and would be a bit pokey for the lighter first timers unless you restrict the power a bit. The 160 might suit best, as far as the power level goes, but I heard it wasn't as good as the 200 .

Hope this helps. Which wing you thinking of for training ? PM if you dont want to bore folk


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Dave, the flattop 120 22kgs is that with harness? what is the thrust on this machine and cage size?


Hi Matt,

Nigel here from UKPPG, the UK and Ireland Flattop sole importers.

In answer to your question, the Flat Top 120 has an all up weight of just under 22kg ready to fly (Ex Fuel).

The new 2010 model is fitted with the new light weight, quick release harness in kevlar, single 9ltr tank (Upgradable to 18ltrs if required) and you can have the option of standard Bars or the New Weight Shift Comfort Bar system which allows sideways weight shift as opposed to vertical weight shift and very effective it is as well.

The thrust on the 120 sits currently at 59kg from our 3.3:1 reduction unit on a 2 blade carbon prop.

As with the Flattop 200 we have never replaced a single Propellor, on any Flattop in the UK to date and we now have 13 machines flying in the UK.

In fairness we have replaced one Flattop bottom quarter cage section which was slightly damaged from a heavy student landing, however the guy was nearly 20 stone and the prop yet again stayed in one piece. The cage in fact didn't really need changing as it wasn't a right off, but it did have a slight bend in the front outer ring, so we changed it over as we train on Flattops at the UKPPG training school.

So lets set the record straight.

No Flattops are not totally indestructable but

Yes you do need to do something very, very serious to damage one and even then, you will probably still have your prop in one piece.

If you have any other questions please post them or give me a call on 01354 658778 and I will be pleased to answer them for you.

Best Regards




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