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Hi from Germany

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Hi guys... and girls

I'm Joe, and at present I'm living in south Germany (Brackenheim near Heilbronn). I've only lived over here since the start of the year.

I would like to get into Paramotoring and wondering what my options are with training and with flying over here in Germany!!!

So my questions for you are, where do you think that i should do the training etc (as my German isn't fluent yet)? What do people know about flying over here in Germany? I spoke briefly via email to the fresh breeze guys who said that as long as i went about getting the courses all legit etc. then most the time as long as you take off from different places and don't bother other people they wont bother you (as to not taking off from proper airfields)?

I am real interested in the sport and would take advice from you all and if there are any English speaking fliers in Germany give me a shout!!!


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I know there are a few British Soliders flying in Germany. Let me ask the questions and try to get back to you.

I am away for a while from Sunday so it may not be until I return around the 21st...


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