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HD Video Cameras

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OK heres a little survey.............

What HD video Camera do you use?

How much did you pay for it?

Would you recommend it?

Where do you mount it?

just doing a little market research as I'm thinking of getting an HD video camera.



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Depends on what the camara will be used for.

Go pro HD (£270 ish for a package) for Para and action hols, and now using the Canon SLR EOS 7D for everyday photo and Hd filming. With a good lense not much change out of 2k

Cheers Si..

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I have got the GoPro HD and enjoy using it. I am new to filming and editing but it is fun to learn with this camera. I got it from USA at $299 when the x-rate was 1.6 so good value. Seems over priced here in UK. My only criticism is that the LED menu screen is pretty rubbish and it is quite easy to make a mistake and end up taking one photo rather than 60 mins of film, but on the positive side it is really compact, light and high quality.

While I muck around with it as I am learning I do not use it at the highest quality setting. The results are still quite good though. Here is a sample clip below which is compressed further for YouTube (though you can select 720 HD). Much of the time I was filming directly into the sun and with the horizon in the centre of the field of view it under exposed the land, but I guess this would be a problem with any camera.



Next step is to try different mounting positions (on foot looking up / forward / under wing pointing down etc). Quite a few examples of footage taken like that on the site. No real experience of any other camera but I hope that this helps.

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I use the Gopro HD and it's far superior the Oregon Scientific ATC ActionCam (Blue bullet shaped camera) that I used to use (which wasn't HD).

It's got to be said that the GoPro is very quick at switching between contrast levels when going from low light to looking directly at the sun.

The Gadget Show (TV show) did a comparison for HD helmet cameras...


It cost me £280 and I'm very happy with it. Easily downloadable to a PC/Laptop.



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Editing for GoPro:

I found that my laptop could not cope with the huge files. It was three years old so quite out of date anyway. It wouldn't play the clips back smoothly on any of the editing programmes or movie players that I tried. On a new mac, however, it works like a dream. I use iMovie which is fine. Maybe I will need other software eventually but it does everything that I want at the moment.

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What HD video Camera do you use?

Sanyo VPC-FH1

How much did you pay for it?

450$ CAD

Would you recommend it?

Wouldn't answer otherwise.

1080P @ 60fps


(recoded to 720p by pootube)

all the way down in res and up in fps to 600fps


got some paramotor vides you'd like to see in action???

doubles as an 8mpx camera w/12mpx interpolation, will snap photos whilst video shooting.

Where do you mount it?

Top of helmet via standard tripod screw.

Anywhere a 350ml aluminum pop can will fit.

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  • 4 weeks later...

they have been replaced by this.

http://www.dogcamsport.co.uk/contourhd- ... camera.htm

I remember watching the gadget show which reviewed them, not as good as GoPro HD.

On a side note we are doing the post production on a discovery Program - SpaceDive, where someone jumps from the edge of space & skydives to the ground.

We've had a lot of footage off a GoPro HD - very impressive!

The only thing about it I didn't like was the Barrel Distortion on the lens.


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