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Thermic conditions

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They usually calm down after about 6-7pm (if not before this)

you can fly in them but it will be very unnerving to start with, fly on full fast trim and let the wing do the work but be careful !!!!!!!!!!!!

if you really want to it may be worth doing a thermaling course with a school abroad first.

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Hi Matt,

It's even hotter over here, 33 max this afternoon. I don't fly in the day, it would be far too bumpy.

I wait until about 8.30/ 9.00 (7.30/ 8.00 UK time) in the evening, on Thursday it was still 28 degrees but the thermic activity had gone so I had a good fly.




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One thing that might help is to go late aftrernoon / evening. Atleast then things are calming down and wont get worse, even if theyare a bit lively at first. In the mornings things can build fast and make you wish you were down.

If the windsock is turning through more than 90 degrees it might be lively. Less than 90 degrees, not so bad.

Strong sunlight on wet ground (springtime) can make things punchy.

Read about thermalling. It's great fun. Build up slowly

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