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No not at all Allen,

I've had to hang up my wing, so to speak, due to an ongoing back problem.

Reading all the posts on here just keeps reminding me how amazing this sport is.

It's just time to move on.


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Dont do it Joe, I have a back problem that earned me a blue parking badge, I just dont put quite so much fuel in. Joking aside, after an mri scan last year the doctor said my back joints are arthritic and are the back of a much older person, he said I should give up jogging and avoid heavy lifting. I am a tv engineer with paramotoring and jogging as my main hobbies - aint that a bitch! On the other hand another back specialist said my back problems only showed up as a result of a routine scan to check a slipped disc and that lots of people have similar problems but dont know it.

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On the other hand another back specialist said my back problems only showed up as a result of a routine scan to check a slipped disc and that lots of people have similar problems but dont know it.


The last thing you should do with a bad back is less movement, because then the muscles that support the spine start to atrophies (waste away) and the problems get worse and as a result encourage more inactivity. It's a nasty downward spiral.

As a sports therapist with a big interest in backs for over 25 years, my advice, (in a nut shell):

Walking is the one activity you need to be able to do, pain free, for the rest of your life. So practice it EVERYDAY. Preferably up and down hills.

Running is for fools. Name an animal in the wild that would run for 26 miles of it's own accord. Animals walk long distances and sprint short distances.

Morning is your most vulnerable time. Your back (muscles and joints) is unlubricted, cold, unresponsive and decompressed. Perfect for injury, especially spasm related.

Therefore in the morning, get in the habit of a piss followed IMMEDIATELY by a very hot shower, then a simple 5 minute stretching routine (lying down a on a carpet). This before ANYTHING else.

Computers (aka back killers). Get a kitchen timer on your desk, set it to 15-20 minutes. Walk around or stretch for 2 minutes.

Giving up PPG flying isn't necessaraly necessary, if you learn to manage your back issues.

I can definitely recommend this book:


If I can help you anymore pm me.



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Great advice Dan, will remember the piss and shower and stretching thing. One morning a few months ago I got up went downstairs, sat on the settee and coughed... then screamed in agony! Took a few minutes to get off the floor as the sharp lower back pain reminded me of the problem area that I have. Fortunately it cleared quickly this time, pain free in about 3 weeks but one time it took about ten months to clear.


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Oh yes, I know that feeling. It happens in a split second, and as soon as it does, you know immediately that you're gonna be out of action for weeks :cry: It's sooo depressing

Remember, it's didn't really happen in a split second. It's the end result of an inflamatory process that has been building up for a few days or more. Slowly expanding closer and closer to the nerve, until one day you do something such as a slight reach to get a book, or a sneeze or cough, something completely innocent, but just enough for the inflamed area to get too close to the nerve to invoke a spasm, which then tears the muscle tissue leading to much bigger inflamation and subsequent pain (understatement!).

So what starts the inflamatory process in the first place?

It can be one or a combination of a number of things. Things you wouldn't even think of, such as:

A type of food that your body has intolerance to, creating a reaction on the inside instead of the outside. MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a common one, as is citric acid.

An internal virus that you are not aware of, but can lead to internal tissue inflamation.

Constipation crowds the space, compressing the area.

It's all about tolerances. The bigger the space between the disk and the nerve, the less likely you are to have a problem. Age and gravity squash the disks. They have to go somewhere, so thet travel out toward the spinal nerves, reducing the tolerance between the tissue and the nerve.

Sitting at a computer for long periods of time puts more pressure on one side of the disk than the other, slowly squeezing it towards the nerve.

Hence the advice, get up every 15 minutes inorder to relieve that pressure.....

I could go on and on, but I'm sure that eyes are glazing over already :oops:

It really isn't rocket science. It's just the realisation that are bodies are designed to work as we did when we lived in caves ie low levels of activity for long periods of time. Common sense really.



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I suffer from lower back pain, ppg i think is the worst thing for it, getting up off the floor is were the damage is done, so at our field we have stacked 5 pallets, these are the ideal height to walk into the ppg, strap in and walk off, no back strain at all. you need some one to help lift it up with you first start of the day but 2 people its easy. when you finish the flight, back up to the pallets and park it

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I do a similar thing but using the Bakrak. Put the machine on the rack facing the 'wrong' way round. It can be started safely on the rack so it is warming up while laying out the wing then strap in and release the teathers. No need to stand up, just walk to wing clip in and go.

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