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walbro 32 mods to reduce excessive fuel consumption


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I had problems with a w37 carb on my adventure solo 210, so to get flying i fitted a w32 carb i was given. the 32 was a choke lever type.

after a couple of hrs set up the 32 has goon pick up, good top end.

down side was i could not get a good tick over, so had 2 cut the throttle stop spring down and lean off the bottom more. the mid range is rich, last night a 30 min flight consumed 3 ltrs of fuel, the 37 normally does just under 2 ltrs.

i was told doing the butterfly mod will solve the tick over issue and sticking a piece of wire in the first (I think, or the second 2) holes in the bore solves the mid range mixture issue, blocking the fuel flow

any one done this, any tips please



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Yes I've done both mods to 2 WB32's and it works... but they are quite a sensitive carb to set up. As you say, without these mods the 32 runs very rich in the mid range. When sorted it is a very good carb which suffers less from carb icing than the 37.

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Cheers, on further investigation, the carb has W32 on the side but it only has 1 mid range hole in the bore not 2? like the W3A carb. I did not bloke the hole but did the butterfly mod, will have to wait now till next week to test. the w37 carb has 2 mid range holes, so put a small wire loop in these to restrict the flow, will try this also next week

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