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Android market.


Android market.  

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    • Hi Guys,
    • I've just got an HTC desire which can download apps from Android market. Does anyone have any good ideas for apps that I can grab?
    • And for all the iPhone owners, I don't think you can download an iPhone!
    • Cheers,
    • Tj.

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Hey Druff!

Sorry for the delayed reply... cheers for that, looks like they have a great range of mappage. My two downloads (ready for when I'm airborne) are everytrail, and gps essentials. Two bits of software recommended on this here forum!

Anyone else any recommendations? (Except get an iPhone!)



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Gaggle - it will map your tracks and upload them onto the internet for you. It can export into google earth and will give you direction, glide ratio, altitude (maybe not that accurate), ground speed etc. It will show you basic maps and you can set waypoints.

Windfinder is quite good for weather. There is also 'Paragliding Map' which shows flyable sites and a program called Variometer which I have bought but haven't tested (it was 60p so I am not expecting much).

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XC Soar is another good one but doesn't yet have UK airspace added. The ones Dugald mentioned run well on the Desire thanks to its faster processing speeds.

NOT sent from my iphone, Blackberry or common house brick. :lol:


F@@@ me do they do that as well where do i get that app from lol.

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XC Soar is another good one but doesn't yet have UK airspace added. The ones Dugald mentioned run well on the Desire thanks to its faster processing speeds.

XCsoar actually does work with (unofficial but frequently updated) UK airspace files. I found this brief guide was all I needed to get going: http://xcsoar-android.blogspot.com/

XCsoar is a very advanced piece of software mostly aimed at glider pilots, but fully customisable and very good for PG and PPG. It isn't heavily themed - its not what I would call 'slick' or pretty but rounded boxes and harmonising colours are the last thing you want in the air on a sunny day. The info boxes are large, square and black on white or white on black, and can be set to tell you just about anything you can imagine. The program, maps and airspace files are all free. It has a fairly long learnng curve (unlike most iPhone apps) but in a way that is a good thing - if you want to progress beyond the basics. At first just avoid expert mode, customise your main screen the way you like it and get your maps loaded.

I also tried Airspace Avoid which is quite popular with microlite pilots. It was £10 to buy and then topo maps were around £45. Updates would then add further cost. I didn't like it because there was no way to configure it (I mean not a single menu) the waypoints system was poor and there was no flight logging.

As for the HTC Desire, my Dad has one and struggles to read it in flight. I have ordered him a Dell Streak (got one for £200) - bigger screen and transflective technology so just as readable in bright sunlight. I think it is probably the ideal flight device given its medium size, ability to run XCsoar and good screen. Maybe I will just hang onto it for a while... :)

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I stumbled onto the post below in the US ppgbiglist. A french PPG pilot/software developer has created an android app specifically for paramotoring. It looks pretty cool and appears to offer most of the basic features one could want.




my name is Stephane and I've been paramotoring for 3 years, in the south of France where I live.

As a software engineer I've started to develop a dedicated tool for our activity

a few month ago. Now that the software is mature enough, I think that it may be

useful for other pilots.

PPGpS is a Flight Computer for Powered Paraglider Pilots.

There is a free version (PPGpS Lite) and a paid version (PPGpS)

find it here : https://market.android.com/search?q=ppgps&c=apps

PPGpS provides :

-Real time flight information

-Wind direction estimation

-Takeoff and Landing phases auto-detection

-Return home information (display estimated travel time and bearing)

-Fuel calculation and warning

-Emergency geo-localized SMS

-Google Map localization with GPS

-Log flights in KML files for Google Earth

-Waypoint management

-Especially developed for Paramotor

PPGpS provides the altitude, bearing, magnetic compass, acceleration and ground


-Switch between instantaneous, average and maximum values by clicking on the


-Create waypoints on the map and follow the displayed route (bearing, estimated

travel time and distance).

-Import waypoints from KML google earth files.

It also computes the distance traveled and the estimated travel time to return

home according to the wind.

-The average ground speeds are graphically displayed for every azimuth.

-A fuel gauge display the estimated remaining fuel quantity and the remaining

flight time. An alert threshold is configurabled.

You may launch the Demonstration mode to have a quick tour from your armchair !

Thank you for having reading me.


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you might want to take a look at MM Tracker. It's a 3rd party app that lets you use Memory Map QCT files on Android devices. There's a free version to try and a paid for version with a bit more functionality.

You can get it here:

http://www.xda-developers.com/android/r ... m-tracker/



Togsie, dont tell me your actually PAYING and suggesting people PAY for software!!!!! LOL

Whats happened to you?


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