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120km by air

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Hi All,

Been a while since I posted (been focusing on the mountaineering, Mt Blanc flight is in 3 weeks)

Morgy and I met up on sat and went for a coastal run along the south coast, ended up being pretty epic with a dinged prop and top speeds of 78kph.

Attached is a vid showing the day


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I just try to capture the moment - problem is getting the time to edit it all.

So some info from the weekend.

Seymour very kindly allowed us to take off from his farm in Pullborough, for those that have not been there it truly is a launch dream with gently sloping fields in every direction.

We decided on an early morning flight and met up @ 0800hrs.

Wind conditions 2 mph (if that) and pretty darn hot.

I took off first and waited for Mark and Seymour the nil winds and Seymour insistance on a reverse launch dictatated a wait in the air for me. Not wanting to burn fuel I landed again and waited for them to take off.

We all took off and made a beeline for the dyke, Mark loves to fly low level and stayed down I decided to go up and cruise above the inversion, this seen me fly for about an hour at 2500ft, after clearing brighton I went higher to about 3700ft. From there we spotted some paragliding students on the ground and Mark spiralled down to say hello to them. I dropped down to 800ft and followed Mark out along the coast. We flew for another hour or so along the beach to Newhaven where I spotted flags fluttering nicely with an on shore breeze and a wide open space to land. I decided to take a break and land. The wind by now is starting to build and I would put it at around 18mph or so (defo enough to kitesurf in) This made taking off a little tense and mark managed to get dragged dinging his prop on the way. I had an un eventful take off and decided to push on along towards Beachy Head (we had wanted to free fly along the cliffs) I stayed at about 200ft and about 20metres out to sea, so smooth and nice crusing. Looking back I could see Mark out of his harness so I decided to turn back, turning and going with the wind my ground speed went warp drive and suddenly I am whizzing along.

I land again and we chat about the plan of action, his engine is still spinning and the prop seems ok - we decided to make a run for home.

I follow Mark out and we are now hitting nearly 80kmh so are back in Pullborough and our waiting cars in no time, of course Mark cannot resist the odd thermalling and I leave him to circle upwards.

Some stats from the GPS

Average Speed - 38kmh

Top Speed - 77kmh

Distance - 114km

Flight time - 4 or so hours

Fuel Used - 7l (we both bave Bailey 4 strokes)

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Hi Rob

Thanks for posting the vid took me a while to fine where you put it!!!!!!!! (newbies)????

I have to say thanks again to seymore for letting me fly out of his farm... and thanks for coming along on my planned flight rob shame we didn't get to soar all the way from brighton to new haven then off to beachey head.... but was an epic flight.... will do it again when i get my new prop. "should be here by friday in time for the fly in "i hope"...

Next time i want to play with some termals dude you shot off and left me :cry::dive:

untill next time

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As I recall our flight plan was - "fly fast and directly home, if I fall from the sky get your car and come get me" So when I see you going round n round I can only presume you seen something behind.

It was a good flight and I loved the coast cruising.

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