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Lost bottle

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I now have all my equipment ready to go, but for the life of me I cannot seem to locate my balls :oops:

I think that part of the worry is that I learned on a Parajet with a small cage compared to (what feels like) the massive 1400 cage on the PAP, and a Revo 28 compared to my Revo2 26, which I guess is going to be a lot faster and more dynamic (weight 83kg).

Could do with another PPG pilot or instructor with me for that first flight, just to double check that I've not forgotten something crucial.

Anyone happen to be in the Marbella area over the next week or so? :D

It is nice however to be able to air my concerns amongst those who I know will have been in my position


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Hi Dan,

It's a good thing that you recognise your apprehensions, that's all it is really.

Good call to have another pilot present, I hope you find one.

We've all been there as you surmise, go through all the steps in your mind beforehand and if you don't feel ready come back another day.

Once you feel confident it will all fall into place. Hope it's soon, fly safe,




Dudek ReActionTST 29

Fresh Breeze Airboss (Solo)

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Thanks for the wise words Alan.

I know that once I've got that 1st flight under my belt everything will be fine.



I did not fly for 14 months and kept putting it it off, then I decided one day that enough was enogh and got some one to spot me in front and to give me the thumbs up when the wing was ok.

It was a non event as the wing came up I put the power on and I was up then started kicking myself because of all the time I wasted worrying about.

Get in to the mind set that you ARE going for a fly do your preflights and then go for it, you will then think why you wasted so much time worrying about it.

As it says on the trainer advert JUST DO IT. :D

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I think we have all been where you are at some stage .....even with loads of hours and years flying both paramotors and microlights......if I have a long layoff for whatever reason usually the weather

( I am sure I live in Britians most windy place ) :(

I still feel the butterflies when building up to a flight....I think it does me good ...it makes me check things properly...the one thing I have noticed is that when the engine is running and I am ready to fly ....the butterflies go......I think I must then switch over to adrenalin :shock:


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I had the same thing when the time came to fly on my own, I don't think you would be normal if you weren't nervous!

I went over with learner driver and edwardc and this was a great help with confidence :D if you can find some local pilots then it will help (as long as the speak english)

How far from Alex are you, could you drive down there for a day?

Good luck :-)


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I am a new to this sport and had the same thing recently, (nerves on my first proper solo flight with no one to help and give the thumbs up etc).

All I would say is pick a nice calm day do some practice launches with the motor and then when happy do your pre checks (which you have written down on paper before hand) then be positive but calm and just go for it.

You'll love, I did, haven't looked back since


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Hi Dan

I fly with a Parajet Compact and a Revo 28.

In the spirit of forum commeraderie I'm prepared to do a straight swap if it will help you to get into the air! :wink:

Seriously, finding a mentor is a good idea or you could put faith in your training and JFDI (just f***king do it!!!)

Either way you will probably wonder what you were worrying about.

Good luck and happy flying.


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How far from Alex are you, could you drive down there for a day?

Tom, I would love to take my kit over to Alex's for the day, except it's 1300km away!

My local school is closed until August, so it's just me, my PAP and my Revo

I agree with the general concensus, to have faith in my training, do my checks, make sure the wing is squarely above me and, as Ian put it JFDI!

Thanks for the support guys, it really helps.


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