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prop repairs????


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Hi all

Well it has finaly happened to me.... I broke a prop after 30h's flying i finaly broke my first prop well put a hole in it..

I know it has been put on here before but who does a good job on repairing paramotor props??? I will be buying a new one and will keep the repaired one for a back up....

Thanks in advance


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James Davies is currently doing a repair for me. He came highly recommended and when I contacted him he made 2 promises: He'd do a really good job and he'd be really slow. He's been true to his word on the second part and I'll let you know about the first as soon as I get my prop back.




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Hi Guy's

Thanks for the info dan/pete. I will be trying to get a new one from bailey asap i dont want to miss the fly in.....

I will contact james to ask him how long he will take.

Dan nothing exciting to be honest.... Me and rob landed in new haven after 2 hours flying on are way to beachey head from pullbrough but the sea breeze had kicked in and rob needed to check out his fuel!!!

Both were perfect landings. We had a break and rob took off all well and good. i did a reverse and wasn't quite straight when i turned (i was rushing) tut tut :roll: the wing just pulled over to my left and pull me hard but i couldn't gett it back and i tripped on some bramble's and fell.

I hit the kill but i heard a knock "i knew i had hit the prop"..... After some swearing i checked it out..... rob came back into land..... After alot of thought i made the call to fly on as it was free flyable on the cliffs and i knew in land was thermic.

Time to go but 3 more failed take off's " thanks to rob for calming me down as i was hot and angry with my self". I got off

The first 10mins all i could think about was my prop going through my wing. But no vibration no noise nothing except a little down on power. i eased it back all the way on our one hour flight back we were hitting 70kmh most of the way....

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