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Anybody selling a F200?


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Thanks for that!

Your only the 3rd person who I have spoken with who has/had a F200!

The first person was Pascal and its his motor that I've bought as he is upgrading to the 3 part cage!

I'm aware of some of the issues as I had a good confersation with both Pascal and ED so am aware of the silencer, old belt and gascet.

I didnt know anything about the larger head so would appriciate some more info on this.


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the older engine has (on mine) a sliver head, approx the same size as the fins on the cylinder, the new larger head is black and bigger (obviously), see picture

Mine was always running at its max temperature so the better head would be an improvement, i believe it was introduced bacause of the overheating problem.

i cant upload an image for some reason so here are some links to each one

new head - http://www.flyengines.com/eng/f200.html

old head - http://www.flyengines.com/img/service_plan_f200.jpg

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Although I appreciate your feedback and opinions, I would like to point out that we all have different needs and wants.

I have done extensive research as to what motor to go for. I have spoken to loads of pilots looked at and discussed their equipment and educated myself on the pros and cons of each motor that is comfortably able to support my weight.

Yes I did look at the Simonini and appreciate its liability, easy to get hold of parts and its excellent track record but its also loud (with the exception of Fresh Breeze) and slightly underpowered for my weight when I look at it on a long term basis.

My decision to go for the F200 is based on multiple factors. The power, the flexibility to take up a second person in the future, the PAP harness and because my heart is telling me that this is the motor for me.

Another key point is that if the F200 is good enough for Pascal Cambell-Jones, who consequently is the same weight as me, then I should definitely be good enough for me!

Its Pascal’s motor that I am buying as he is upgrading to a F200 3 part cage! Which proofs that the F200 cant be all that bad!

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i actually had no trouble with the engine its self, but i would have a temp gauge to monitor it, from what i can tell its a simo clone? im 18 1/2 stone so had to keep the power on to fly straight and level (synth 34), i never used fast trim because the motor got too hot keeping it level

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Duncan, what weight are you? How long do you envisage it being before looking at doing tandem? If you need an F200 for solo flying do you think the F200 will be enough to take a passenger? If you really are heavy then I reckon a Kobra Rocco, a Flat Top evo or a Sportix would be a better machine than a PAP F200.

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I'm 115kg and falling only last month I was 118kg and two months ago 120kg.

My intension is to achieve a weight that will allow me to do a tandem in a year or two hence the mention of the long term basis!

I totally appreciate that a tandem is not an option now but its a great motivator to loose weight which in turn satisfies the wife and makes her more forgiving when she is reminded that I bought a Paramotor. :D

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