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I have had a look into this and can see the problem (I think) it's not a big one I am sure, but when I try to get my head around changing settings / permissions and such for paid / non paid members it makes my brain hurt.

The web geeks will be back on the case on Monday morning and I am sure the (blips) as they call them will be de-blipped.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported the new club so far!


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as mentioned in another post we will intermingle the two so you wont loose them

Guys, we will sort it out on Monday just bear with us.

As a Paid member you will have all of the sam things as you had before and more.

The non paid members will loose a thing or two.


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I paid up a couple of weeks ago for full membership and have a few questions...

Do I get a new membership number (or any confirmation that I paid) or member pack like last time?

I thought full members could have a signature but when I try and put one on it says I'm not able to define one?



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Hi Tom,

Your membership number will be given to you (and everyone else) very soon :-)

Your confirmation?

Did you not get the system e-mail confirmation? or a PP receipt?

Ref signature.... I will try to look in to this today if its not flyable.


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