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Paramotor Adventure M3 + Xpert Wing 28m2 as New


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Selling Paramotor Adventure M3 complete package as new as used only 3 hours (cage dlbe arch + transport bags + harness size M + propeller balck carbone)(année 2008)

As I said, it's almost brand new (Can be checked on the counter: 3H of engine running only)) with an Xpert wing 28 m2 with 2 week flights. I bought it just before moving to uk where I have no more time to fly unfortunately. It's a very good opportunity for someone who wants a brand new equipment at the price of a second hand.

I have translated the advert that I have placed in France so I appologize if words are not the exact english ones for specifications and features.

Engine: Tiger 160 cc (mono cylindre, 2 T, 22 cv)

Allumage électronique, démarreur électrique.

Propeller : Bipales 115 cm carbone

Poussée statique max : 63 kg

Autonomy : 2 to 3 hours (gas tank 10l)

Net Weight : 20 kg

Decibels: 52 dB at 100 m

Pilot weight : Max 100 kg

Wing XPert 28

Flat Surface: 28 m2

Pilote weight : 65-85 Kg

Finesse Max : 8.2

Speed min/max : 23/50 km/h

AFNOR-ACPULS : Standard trimmée

Net weight : 6.4 kg

Asking price :

- M3 : £3800 (Retail price now : £4650)

- Paraglider Wing Xpert : £1.330 (neuf : £2330 )

The complete pack : le tout : £5000 (retail price now : £7150)

Currently visible in Paris, but if really interested, I could bring it back to London but it's in case you are almost sure you want it (I will ask for a deposit).

More than welcome to answer all your questions and send all the photos I have.


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No disrespect but could you please empty the tank of fuel, remove the reserve and weigh the machine ready to fly (ie with prop, harness and carabiners, etc). 20kg weight is questionable for a machine whose engine is based on the Simonini which usually weighs 19kg for the engine, exhaust, reduction, intake and prop alone.

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Not trying to be funny but you can buy them new for less direct from adventure

retail on the web site for the M3 series is £3961. there is an offer at the moment for approx £3.2K the latest x race machine is £3.2k for motor and wing together approx £4.3K brand new.

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