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ok iam just like you a newbie just starting out. with a new hobbie =flying. WELCOME chris ranford. chris higson.indigo dave c42 pilot.. indigo miles.....and more.WELCOME.iam not the easiest person to get on with. but we got something in common and thats a start.its always nice seeing the WELCOME. personel.all the best. i cant be that bad?? FROM :0) LAWRENCE

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Hi All

Magnus here (Mag for short) started motoring this summer after a few years hill flying. did my training with Paul Kilburn at manchester paragliders. only managed a couple of flights due to the usual stuff (weather/work etc). Love to fly with some more experienced pilots and generally have good, safe fun flying. enjoy general outdoor stuff, particularly skiing, gentle mountain biking, free flying at cats tor (10 mins from my house). day job is printing systems for textiles- so may be able to help with T shirts etc for Tip to Top if needed

look forward to meeting some of you.

cheers Mag (Ninja)

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Hi Magnus. I'm new too to this forum / PPG. I live in Lymm, Cheshire. I have been doing hill PG training since early '06 and got my CP 1/09/07. Basically any vaguely flyable day will see my freezing my @rse off parawaiting at Nont Sarah's, Lobden, Endenfield, Pendle or some combination of the above. I have a Swing Arcus 5 which I bought specifically so I could go on to PPG. I have a couple of questions.

I didn't realise there was a PPG club so near to me (manchesterparagliders). You said you did some training with them. Would you recommend them? Would you recommend their flying site? It is only 10 mins from where I live.

Secondly, on the subject of hill, as you can tell its all Penine flying I've done I've been meaning to get down to Cats / Shining Tor as they are probably my nearest peaks sites, any info / recommendations woud be appreciated. Any other good sites near Macc?

Many thanks.

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Hi arcusfler

sent you a pm.

cats & shining are really nice sites (particualary as it really close for me) I also go to rushup/lords seat/treak= all around mam tor. I really like rushup, which is a large ridge, very nice for us novice flyers. any half decent day you will always find someone on these site- can get busy if the weather is really good 9 another reason to go to cats as normally a bit quieter as no XC potential for the sky gods!

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Hi meds

would have joined you on Friday but off skiing for a couple of weeks in Austria/Italy on Friday. i may have seen you up at cats some time over the past 12 months? I must admit I am favouring ppg at the moment- love the idea of nil wind flying xc. was out on sunday a did anothe couple of ppg flights (doubling my expierence!) I need to try and find a more local field for ppg but currently go over to Astley near Barton- great field.

keep in touch, Mag

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Hi meds,

You're not too far from me then. I haven't progressed on the motoring front cos I've been flying on the hill at every opportunity. I had a cracking day at Parlick last weekend. I'm currently CP plus 10 hours but I was fighting for airspace with 2 hang gliders, 2 sailplanes and 15 paragliders!!

I don't have a vario yet but I could hear the one in the sailplane a lot of the time!

It all got a bit busy for me but all good practice. The big red streamer usually gets people to give you a wide birth.

I took a walk up Cats Tor / Shining Tor with the missus after your last message looks good would like to fly there some time.

Anyway. Regards motoring a guy I hill trained with has bought a RAD MXL. We were thinking of heading to manchesterparagliders.co.uk, just west of Manchester to have an initial talk to them to see what the crack is with converting from hill PG, their fields look good. Have you checked them out?

Let me know next time you're out.

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