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MicroAvionics Strobe

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I thought I'd tell you all about our new paramotor strobe. It's always been a struggle to give a really bright flash from our self contained strobe, we are at a constant battle to try to cram more components into a small strobe to give you a really bright flash. Recently there has been some new components come to the market and these have allowed us to make our strobe three times more powerful. The strobe is definately the brightest strobe for paramotor or microlight in the UK.

Some info about strobes, these are general info and maybe not the same through all manufacturers. Some people fit burglar alarm strobes to their paramotor. Any strobe is good for safety, especially in busy airspace and in dusk conditions, where you may easily miss another pilot if they are below the horizon. A typical self contained burglar alarm strobe in from 0.5 to 3 watt. 3 watt is actually quite high compared to the average and you will fins many at the 0.5 watt. The new strobes are pushing over 20 Watt+. Current consumption is still very low at only 600mA. Flash rate is 42 fpm. The strobe can be run from a engine like Corsair and can be connected to the DC volts charging system. Your charging system will be able to power your strobe without discharging your aurcraft battery. For those without power a small 12 volt 1.2 Amp burglar alarm battery can be fitted. Batteries can be purchased from us or DIY centres.

If anybody wants a demo of our strobe or headsets, then please see me at the PPG Nationals. I will be there with an exhibition stand from Friday 18th until Sunday (I arrrive Friday evening).


Eddie Cartwright

MicroAvionics UK

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