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Cycle meter

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For all the Iphone users, I got an app for when I go out on my bike called cyclemeter it was a couple of quid and is very usefull for cycling!

I used it for flying yesterday and it turned out to be a very easy way of recording my flight, It emailed me a link to the map data in google maps.

This is what you get on email, ignore the calories !! if only you could burn 1800 on a flight :D

Route: New Route

Activity: Cycle

Google Maps URL:http://maps.google.com/?q=http://share.abvio.com/2b46/f314/4b57/cf75/Cyclemeter-Cycle-20100604-1915.kml

Shortened Google Maps URL: http://j.mp/cF8npl

Started: 4 Jun 2010 19:15:30

Ride Time: 46:44

Stopped Time: 0:00

Distance: 15.48 miles

Average: 19.87 miles/hr

Fastest Speed: 52.29 miles/hr

Climb: 2621 feet

Calories: 1873

Official Route: No


You can also save the flight to your google acount.

Tom :acro:

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