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Seriously got the bug.

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Only an hour south of Essex but I flew 4 times today. Had to be a bit careful for the first flight as the anemometer was reading 15mph but it was fairly steady. Used full fast trim for take off and landing and the Nucleon soaked it all up easily. I have a higher performance wing than this as well but I wouldn't have wanted to be on that today.

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It depends on your wing, your ability to handle it, the site and how steady the conditions are. On the right day I am happy up to 18ish mph but that is using a pretty small wing.

Venture slowly and carefully. When the wind is stronger use a Cobra launch. If you can't Cobra then don't try to fly.

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MMM I had a fly the other evening and got caught in rotor and swirling winds...

Reverse launching was a bugger with the windsock dancing around all over the shop and the canopy going through 45 degree angles...Should have called it a day but....Managed to launch and got about 6 feet up on full power then was taken sideways at the same height for 50yds towards the powerlines , then i managed to get back on course but still very little lift , but by that time i was comitted cause there was a house looming up . Skimmed the chimneys and no matter how i tried could not get lift...the canopy was dancing about above me and its a good job we re strapped in or i would have been on my arse !

Another 100 yds and i got serious lift which turned me 180 degrees and up to 250 ft

All this in the space of a minute or so....

Decided to land !

Easier said than done as i was going up and down like a yo yo , with the canopy like an accordion and the tips tucking in 3ft either side.

Looking down at the windsock to guide me in was a waste of time cause it had wrapped around the pole :shock:

Decided to cut the power and try to drop as fast as i could to the nearest open field....Shitting myself until the last 20ft or so and then into lovely smooth air and a textbook landing !

It was my second worse flight but a good learning curve....

There will be folk on here who say i should nt have attempted it knowing it was dodgy , and i agree , but you dont know till you try...Thats another T shirt to buy !

Total flight time less than 6 minutes....but it put about 10 yrs on me !!!

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