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This is about as mad as it gets!


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  • 3 months later...

I put it down to winter blues! It's definitely time to start playing now...

BTW it was my front reserve container I bought off him second hand (hopefully unused!).

and another BTW... just as I was thinking Macro you've just gone and anounced a Wankel on the way! What's a boy to do?

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This is a development of the "Bionic"

I flew a full size one about three years ago (gliding).

The Bionic is a paraglider that has turned up tips and has a speed system that pulls the centre rib of the wing down to form the distinctive "eyebrows" shape. I think theyve ditched that saccelerator but kept the trimmers. It failed (commercially) as a paragliding wing but was bought up by an american company who are developing a mini version as a speed ski wing.

This wing can be seen on youtube under power. It is very fast by simple virtue of being small. It is not the fastest wing of its size. I see the next step in powered flight to be the introduction of smaller wings to increase flying speeds. Being able to land them and take off will be increasingly difficult without wheels.

The demonstration here, I guess, is to show us that it is entirely possible to land and quite high speeds. The temptation is to try and slow up on approach but you actually need to max out with speed to convert it to lift as you slow up. BUT very easy to stall the wing if you try to slow down too quickly.

Can I still come to Lambourn even though I am unaffected?

I thought the flight suits video earlier had a much bigger wow factor 8)

edit[ my mistake they still using the "central command" speed system on the Ski'M but it is basically a 15 or 12 metre Bionic2


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