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Fresh Breeze Solo 210 + Silex wing on Ebay.


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Hi all

I'm watching a Fresh Breeze Solo 210 with a medium Silex wing on ebay which ends in 2 days. Kind of interested in buying the lot but maybe selling the wing. I had a PAP Solo 210 last year but couldnt justify keeping it at the time but now I'm in a position to buy another motor.

Has anyone flown the Fresh Breeze Silex wing and got an opinion on it? My current free-flight wing is an Advance Epsilon 5 - not sure if this or the Silex would be better with paramotor?

Also I'd be glad to hear any opinions on the Fresh Breeze Solo 210 by owners past or present.

Lastly I've got a budget of approx £2000 if anyone knows of any paramotors coming up for sale?? I weigh 85kg naked and want plenty of power!



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That one your looking at has the old 2 part cage design, left and right halves.

It's a bit fiddly and awkward to fit and remove the motor frame into the assembled cage. The motor frame doesn't stand on it's own (no 'legs') and fits in the middle of the 2 part.

The cage only has a small footprint so can be difficult to balance on uneven grass.

It's not as strong as the later Airboss (4 part) cage, then the Respect (4 part) cage is better still but has a different motor frame that does stand on it's own. Look on the FB website.

The 2 part cage will bend quite easily if struck on the bottom (been there :oops: ). Can be updated to the Airboss with the right fittings.

That model possibly has the old ignition which has been superseded by the HEIS (High Energy Ignition System) which makes starting a lot easier. If the plug lead comes out downwards from the ignition housing then it's the old one, if it comes out sideways it's the HEIS.

The Solo motor is very reliable, as is the Bing carb with no adjustments needed for varying conditions.

The power is 12kW, i.e. 15hp

The engine mounts are quite flexible so I would recommend fitting the later left anti torque engine mounting bracket that prevents the engine twisting excessively. Helps prevent prop/cage contact when you fall over (been there too :oops: ). Part number 13161, €19 plus tax.



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Hi Fuel9m,

Why not get some paramotor risers for your Epsilon 5? They have two hang point fixing points for either power flying or free flight and the Epsilon 5 is DULV rated for power flying using the paramotor risers. Lock the trims into the karabiners for free flight and it retains it's DVH1/2 rating!

I've free flown the Epsilon 5 back in 2005 when it was first released when I was on holiday in Switzerland and went to Advance. We were the first Brits to actually fly it before it went into full production :lol: Great glider with really easy handling on the ground and in the air. In my view it would be excellent under power.

If I had an Epsilon 5 I would save my cash rather than buy a wing for power and just go for the power risers.

Just my view!


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Hi Joe.

I have the Epsilon 5-28 with power risers.

I was very keen to see the difference, but alas the trim range is very small. From fully in to fully out I can see only 2 or 3 miles an hour difference. I contacted them to enquire about using the speed bar with trimmers out and got a non committal answer. Saying - yes it would be more susceptible to collapses. I have a reflex wing for paramotoring and the trimmers make a large difference to the speed. If you fly with reflex pilots, you will be left behind.

This is what I found with this wing.



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