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2,3 or 4 blade prop????

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I am looking to buy my first paramotor, but i am totally confused by the various combinations of motors, props harnesses etc.

can someone please tell me what difference there would be between a 2,3 and 4 blade prop setup?

Also as this will be my first kit, what engine would you advise, the PAP 210 seems very common, but it would appear to be a bit long in the tooth, so to speak, and I would like to 'future proof' myself a bit. I have about £2500 to spend in total.

any advise?

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Hi Les and welcome to the forum.

by the tone of your question I think you may have seen my PAP wich is currently for sale on ebay, its a 210 powered PAP with 2 crossed props, the reason PAP used this configuration is that this model uses fairly short props wich if a normal 2 blade prop was used would tend to let the motor over rev, they fitted 2 props wich stopped this and meant less stress was place on the motor, I think the reason you sometimes see this model with only one prop on maybe down to the owners removing one and keeping it as a spare as props tend to be the part wich gets damaged most in this sport.

as for future proofing yourself, well yes the 210 has been around a long time but that only goes to prove how good these motors are, they were originaly designed to pump water all day long so are tough little buggers.

whatever choice you make I am sure you will find this sport very rewarding and the people involved a great bunch.

all the best, Dave

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