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Walbro WB 32 + Solo ?


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I have a question about Walbro WB 32 on my Solo engine.

When I tuned up my carb (Hi, Low and Idle) motor works

fine in normal position. But when I changed the motor angle position,

engine stop runin. Than I increas the Idle, but this is too much for

normal position. If I decrease a Low adjustment, problem is solved but

than my mixure is too rich and much biger consuption.

I have changed all the membranes.

My friends with same motor and carb, do not have this problem,

and I make all the tuning on my friends motors :D .

So please if someone have a idea what can I do ?

Best regards


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Hi Darko,

Sounds like your carb was tuned fine, but with a part open throttle.

At a guess I would say your throttle cable is too tight. Or the throttle butterfly is not returning to fully closed (weak spring?) Try adjusting the cable so you have a couple of mm play in the throttle lever. And then tune as per normal.

Dobra dan :D

Colin B

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