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How to justify cost to the other half.


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Hi all,

I have seen / heard a few comments regarding the justification of spend to the other half / misses. Here is how I do it.

If you are buying new kit, It it worth mentioning that although it says £7,000 on the price tag, its not actually costing you that... how?

Wing new £2700,

New Motor £4300,

TOTAL £7000

Residual value of wing in 3 years £1300

Residual value of motor in 3 years £2800

TOTAL £4100

So if you were to be selling / exchanging your kit in 3 years the total cost of your kit for that 3 years is actually only £2900 !!!

That's £80 a month, for your own flying machine. :-)

Prices are rough and for example only.

This is actually not a 'trick' of any kind... It's standard business practice for any 'asset' to factor this in to your calculations and makes allot of sense... I hope. :-)

Good Luck for those who need it!! :lol::lol:


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i got a better way of putting it....

listen woman...if you like this roof over your head, you like spending my hard earned wages...you like being chauffered around by me...you better shut up and put up..did i grill you for the last handbag YOU bought!!

i forewarn you though......after saying this, you better put that shiny new paramoter helmet on and retreat to a safe distance!!


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I must be bloody lucky, my wife encouraged me to go out and buy my kit last year!

Not linked at all I'm sure, but I noticed the milkman and window cleaner always visit when I'm out with the wing. Strange that....

Just look for the OMO washing powder box in the window.

(Old Man Out)

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