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keeping warm


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Hi all, someone mentioned heated gloves and l saw a good pair at the NEC for £119, but my budget wouldn't run to that but this someone mentioned Maplins shop and that they sold heated gloves there for £9.99. couldn't believe my ears so went to the shop and there they were so l bought a pair. Not to much money to throw away if they were no good but they do work. Trouble is they are powered by three AAA batts in each glove and apparently only last an hour before batts need changing.

A question is, 6 batts at 1.5 volt = 9v. if l connect both gloves to one power source which on my Macro is 12v would my gloves overheat and if a resistance was put in line how would l go about it.

Just to add that Maplins also sell heated jackets but had none in stock, but the price tag was £19.99. Obviously powered the same.

Gloves would be great for an hours boat around in the winter but l would get through a few batteries in the process over the winter period. (if it ever does become flyable :wink: )


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Mike the best option,

On E-bay you can buy a box of the disposable 8 hour hand warmers, stuff them into your gloves (or in the pouch on the back of the old NI gloves.)

Cost, £1 per 8 hours


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if you were thinking about powering your gloves from the Parajet you'd have to suss out how they're wired up i.e. are the batteries wired in series or parallel? If they’re in parallel then the actual voltage would be 1.5v but there would be more amps available.

The other consideration would be the trailing wires it could all get a bit untidy. It might be worth trying out some rechargeable batteries just to see what sort of results you get.



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