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Synthesis size recommendation


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I'm little confused with different advices about proper wing size. I plan to enter into the world of PPG. From all I read i plan to buy Synthesis for my first wing. Since my weight is 87kg, i cannot decide what wing size should fit my needs. 27, 29, or 31? With size 29 i would be few kilos above top recommended weight, but i hear that this is the best to have more loaded wing. Also, I live at sea level with medium winds...

Thank you for your advices...

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Hi and Welcome to the PMC :-)

To work out your ALL UP weight, you should include the Paramotor, reserve, petrol, clothes, and anything else that is being held up by the wing... and the wing it's self.

So you first need that information.

As a rule of thumb, if you are 85kg your motor is 30kg, petrol 10kg, reserve 3kg, wing 4kg, clothes helmet and so on, 5kg that would give you an all up weight of 137kg.

That put's you firmly into the 31 meter wing (as per the tested and certified recommendations of the manufacture.

Again, Welcome :-)

Simon W

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