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maiden flight


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  • 3 weeks later...

Well I certainly got airbourne Simon, but it was far from the elegant 1st flight I'd hoped for!

I made the mistake of trying to jump into the seat straight away. I managed to pull away but then couldn't get into the seat at all....There was also an unforseen issue with the kill switch on landing resulting in touching down with the prop still running. I landed on my feet though which is a positive for me!

Lessons learnt

It's just a case of working on my finesse now I think!

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Congrats Chris!. I hope its the first of many for you ...less the kill switch and other problems of course! Where did you go from?

I'm going to try and get out this weekend with Matt somewhere if the weather is ok. How about you and Dave, flying this weekend?

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Thanks for the comments guys

I flew from Golden Hill in Northamptonshire. I've been doing my training with Paul Taylor of Av8er who is a fantastic instructor, and all the guys down there are very friendly and welcoming!

I have a busy one this weekend Simon but definately look forward to flying in the local area soon if and when you're free, my number is 07540 808 698. I'm still on the hunt for a good site around the area so I'll keep everyone updated on how that goes!

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