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Polythene Tubes.....


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Was up with a mate the other week and his lines got in a right mess... I'm new to this, and have just bought a Revolution 28 wing, but thought about feeding all the lines up a poly tube before packing or moving the wing...

Basically it's a tube of polythene on a roll - cut off the length needed. It's easier if you drop a spanner with string on it down the tube the first time and then just pull your lines through until they are neatly covered up to near the wing. They just fold-in neatly into the top of your wing bag.

Seems to work for me - can anyone see any down-side? It's not costly - I'm sure that if it worked Simon's likely got a roll in the van!


Anyway, just an idea......


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Can't see a problem with it.

With experience you can see which lines are not laying correctly or are tangled and it becomes almost 2nd nature knowing which way to sort it.

When packing your wing always lay the lines loosely on the open wing and keep the risers together but just off the centre of the trailing edge. That way the risers don't tangle with the lines.



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Simplest solution to this one, is to always thread the loop on one riser into the loop on the other when packing away (join them as soon as you take the wing of your motor on landing).

Then lay your risers on top of your wing when packing, unless you have the advantage of a little pocket to tuck the risers in.

Worst that can happen is that the risers will drop through a few lines, but the tangles are inconsequential and easy to solve


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