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Frame netting ????


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Guy's, where is the best place to get some frame netting from. I found some cheap pond netting on fleabay bit the holes are only 20mm across. I am after some simple, cheap string type netting that will do the job on my radne project? Help please ??? :?

Cheers Tim

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I have some left over netting if anyone is interested... 19mm x .5mm knotted - 2m x 2m - £10

I am interested in this, Do you have a picture of the netting or a link to the supplier so that I can get a bit more detail.

In articular I am trying to work out if it is enough. My Maths is not as good as It Used to be, but here goes.

If I have a 1.4m Frame. Then C = Pi x D , 3.14 x 1.4 = 4.396 m For the whole cage.

So by me reasoning I recon I need approx 3/4 of the circumference, appprox 3 M.

But I am not sure how it stretches in terms of the diamonds becoming more elongated around the outer edge and more square towards the middle.

Any Thoughts?

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