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Help! Please


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HELP! Please

After passing my CP (freeflying) I have decided to go down the paramotor route, I have managed to buy a Paramania Revolution in the corrct size (26) and the reason I have gone for this wing is the great reports I have read, I have now got a secound hand Paramotor and want to start flying.

Today being Monday and after picking the wing up, I went to Brighton with my son, also CP and intended to freefly the Revolution, some simple top to bottoms just to get an idea, having set the speed system to the slowest setting as per the manual I managed a small top to bottom off a cliff, easy launch and landing, we then went to a different site where I was ground handling when a local instructor turned up, he then told me I need 100 hours before flying a Revolution, as you can imagine I was heart broken and packed it up and walked back down the 400ft to the car.

My questions are then, 1st have I picked the correct wing for my paramotoring, which will include a trike (maybe) and is anyone freeflying a revolution and is it safe to do so

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It seems a tad odd,

I have taught 60+ people on the Revo and 20+ people on the Synth (similar wing)

Some Paragliding people don't seem to fully understand reflex wings.

I had an Ozone Vibe and an Electron when I went from PG to PPG, which are both DHV1 wings. I would run out of fingers trying to count tip collapses and 'flutters' during a thermic flight.

All of the reflex wings that I have flewn are better in the ground and way more solid in the air.

The Manufacturer also teaches people to fly on them, as do most other PPG schools in the UK and France.

I would ask your instructor for the reasons why he thinks this. The only thing I can think of is if its not a good 'personal' match for you, if so he will be able to explain this also.



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I wouldn't worry about learning on a Revo. You have proven to yourself that it will free fly.

I was taught and still fly on my Revolution and it has always been well behaved.

I also did a free flying course to get some wing time before strapping a motor on and my free flying instructor had not been exposed to and therfore did not understand reflex technology and so strongly warned me away from it.

I can confidently say that as a relatively new pilot I have (thankfully only rarely) chosen to fly in inappropriately thermic, gusty or strong conditions when I wished that I hadn't taken off. The Revolution got me back safely onto the ground when I am sure that a non-reflex would have folded up and gone home!

Stick with it, chose an instructor or mentor you can trust and importantly who regularly flys paramotors and then enjoy the ride! :D

Best regards,


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Thanks for the support regarding the revo, it's good to hear after spending 5 months looking for one that I can afford, If any revo pilots freefly there wing, I would love to hear about it, I am booked onto a soaring and xc course, S :wingover: pain (freeflying) in May and realy wanted to take the revo to see what it can do, would this be advisable.

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I stayed up for a single flight of 2 hours at the Long Mynd on my old Revo 28 a few years back!

Whilst it might not be quite as efficient as some wings, with the trimmers pulled fully in (slowest), it pretty much behaved like any of the other DHV1 wings on the day.

I even had my instructor then (Mark Dann of Beyond Extreme) test fly it, and he said it flew fine, if not quite getting as high as some of the other wings.

Mind you when it was time to bottom land, I did let the trimmers out and flew past all the other wings like they were going backwards, then landed on slow again!

I wonder if that instructor chap got the Revo mixed up with the Action GT which is recommended to have quite a few hours on it?

Hope this helps.


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