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Hi All,

I had the idea of getting a celeb to fly the tip2tip expedition with Simon and crew. My initial thought was Ewan McGregor as I belive he already flys a paraglider.

I put it to Simon and as you can guess his answer was good idea go ask him. Well I have no idea as to how to contact him except through his agent but I'm worried that the request would be filed with the rest of the nutty and wierd that I'm sure he gets.

So the point of this post. Is there anyone who has contact or works in the industry that may be able to contact him direct or be able to present the idea to his agent in a we ar'nt a bunch of nuts way.

If there is pm me or drop a line on skype .

Cheers Col.....

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just a idea. when i went to the paramotor show near alconbury martin shaw whos hobby is flying. flie in landed with hes byplane. geoff soden would know more how to contact him.FROM:0) LAWRENCE

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