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Tip Steering

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You can apply as much as you need.

Tip steering deforms the (edge of) overall lifting section and redirects the lift sideways while removing it from regular wing section.

Think of it as akin to a Leading edge inflatable traction kite (4 line). The lift bias (and outside rear tip deformation) lets the roll happen.

You can do big wingovers with them, or hang only the weight of your arm to offset torque steer.

I don't really think you can overdo it while using it merely to steer.

Stabilo line would probably fail before you could overdo it given the loads at speed.

See my gallery for an alternative to the manufacturer's tip steer kit.

Works very well on a pulley.

Stability will be affected if you're messing with bits of reflexed profile when you're crawling up the stabilo line, but you'd really have to get in that sort of effort range to bump the reflex off one side of the canopy I would think. I serious input will roll the fusion like a brake input on slow trim, but I'm talking serious input. It does not feel less stable even doing this - actually it's fun (watch you alt tho, eats it quick).

Try it with your hand @ speed first. Effect increases above green trim proportional to the amount of trim you have let out as the chord shortens.

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