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Round Britain Paramotor Marathon


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Ok, having discussed it at some length on the French trip, the plans have changed a little. Also my recent engine out suggested that being unsupported was a less than great idea.


From Monday August 16th 2010 I am going to attempt to fly as far round Britain as I can get in 21 days. It should technically be possible to get the whole way round but that is naturally very weather dependent.

I have contacted the Guinness World Records and hope to have them adjudicate the event. I have started to contact sponsors to assist in the planning and the funding of the attempt.

As before I will be raising money for The Christie Hospital in Manchester and I have a JustGiving website.


I have two friends who have volunteered to spend two weeks following me around but I do need plenty of offers of any other help available.

I will try to fly between 4 and 6 hours each day but I will naturally be very dependent on the weather. I will plan out a clockwise and an anti-clockwise route and just pick the most appropriate one based on the weather forecast just before we start.

Please do offer whatever help you can and also please do visit the JustGiving website to make a donation. I have aimed at £10,000 but if I can get a whole lot more that will be great.

I am still finishing off the main website for the event which will be at http://www.justwingit.co.uk but don't look yet as it doesn't work. It will naturally have live tracking and twitter feeds once the event has started.

Wish me luck??????

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Hi Matt,

Much appreciated, all help gratefully accepted. Current plan is take off roughly 14th August and fly to coast. Probably do North Wales and head off to Cornwall first, finishing with Scotland.

Things might change depending on the weather???

I have exactly 23 days to fly as far round as the weather will allow.

Baring any mechanical failure or act of God.....


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