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Hi, and a few questions, of course!

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Hi, I've been looking at Paramotoring for a few years now, and I've finally decided I need to try it out!

My main concerns are cost, as for most newbies I guess.

I'm obviously looking to get some training BEFORE I buy any kit, however, I would be interested in knowing what kit I need.

So, is there a definitive list of what a newbie must buy?

Wing and motor aside that is, what other kit is pretty much mandatory?

I'm trying to work out my initial expenditure, Motor, Wing, other stuff, anything I MUST have before I can go flying post training.

Also, I've looked up a few training places, and some require you to have your own kit before you can go solo, is this common? I might hate it once I'm in the air (I doubt this though!) and that would lumber me with a load of kit to sell on.

Anyway, I'm Chester and East Lancs based, so any tips on people who train in these areas would be very much appreciated. I'd also very much like the chance to do a tandom flight either as soon as or whilst I'm in my training period, it could save me a lot of money if I manage to get up in the air with someone and it terrifies me!!

Anyway, any advice on ANY of the above will be very welcome indeed, the net is great but there is a lot of conflicting info out there!

Thanks all


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Hi Spee,

Welcome to the forum. I am in Cheshire and I trained with Andy Walkden in Southport which is not too far from you. Nice field, good chap, lets you take your own time getting used to things and is great at advice re kit etc.

He does have tandem kit so that would be possible too. http://www.flyschool.co.uk

Wing Dudek Synthesis or Paramania Revolution, ground handle Andy's wings.

Motor depending on weight almost all of them are good, There are several manufacturers but they often use the same engine. Go for a reliable and popular engine and you can't go far wrong. Andy can help a lot here.

Eventually you will need a Helmet, good boots, gloves, warm clothing/flight suit, petrol can etc, but get into the air first and see how much you like it.

Yesterday I managed 2 hours and went round Southport and down the beach twice! It was awesome.

I'm sure you'll love it.


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Thanks for the info, I'll certainly look him up.

I'm sure I'm going to love it but like most people I'm reluctant to shell out for a load of kit before I know the sport is for me.

Anyway, I have my eyes on the classifieds etc, I don't want new kit to start with, that can come when I have the hours and skills needed to move onto more advanced kit, once I get into something, I generally get right into it!

Thanks for the words of wisdom, I'll keep you posted of what route I take with regards training etc.



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hi bud,,,

i did a paragliding course before motoring... to see if i liked it or not, and would recommend as a good way into the sport, after all, thats where it started..

1, you dont need any of your own kit.

2, you will learn valuable lessons early doors on handling a wing

3, you will soon see whether you fancy 2000ft dangling under a big bed sheet and a few bits of string!! with just birds for company!

i used mark dan at beyond extreme in shropshire... but not sure if thats close enough to you really..however i would very highly recommend him

good luck!!

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Thanks for the info guys, I've spoken now to a couple of people and I'm fairly sure where I'll be going for my training, I just need to speak to them a little more first, just to make sure of things, they also sell kit at a fair price, which is handy.

Thanks for the tips.


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