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Ground-handling was a handfull in the winds we had today so didn't fancy a PPG

flight, although I did do some light on the ground taxi-ing. But the best fun of

all was reversed handling, let go the brake handles, and took the lines instead,

and walked up the side of my van 5 or 6 times. Wanted to do it for 18 months,

and what a buzz, flying reversed and timing the flare to land on your feet ! :o)

Dont think I'm the next Mike Kung, but will I do it again ? Yep !

Happy Dave

Will post video if my cousin youtubes it !

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Clipped in reverse Dave?

That would indeed feel odd.

Given that the ground-sky interface is the biggest risk we take, the more ground handling we do, the safer we are and the better we know our wings.

I look forward to a video.

In the meantime, let's pretend with someone else...


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Hi T

Yes indeed. Clipped in to a free flying harness. Bill Heaner is a good friend of mine and his videos, like the one you posted, are an inspiration. Inspite of his huge skill level Bill is also very modest and unassuming. A true gent who I was priveledged to spend 5 days with. And a phenominal teacher.


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