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I managed to get a good deal on a GoPro HD a while ago from the states (packaged as personal gift!) but I only got round to using it today. I found that when I take video on the highest quality it is really jumpy on playback. It is fine on the lowest setting - but not HD...

I suspect that it is my computer being too slow (3 year's old). Can anyone who has used the camera in HD mode tell me what speed computer they are using?


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I have a samsung HD camera, that's the same. Plays fine on camera but jumpy on laptop. You may be able to upgrade your graphics card. I just burn them to DVD and they are fine. It's usually the graphics rather than the pc. You should be able to burn or upload if needed.

Make sure your using the correct sd cards(if they use them). You can now get faster cards. The cameras write more info to them, they are Hc cards - but still same format. E.g. If the cards size is sd then the faster same size card is a Sd HC card.

Hope this makes sense. :D

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I've had a similar experience and you're right that this is almost certainly the PC and nothing to do with the camera. I've tried a few different packages and even flattenered my laptop with a clean Windows 7 install to view and edit with the following result. My laptop is a reasonable spec but it's no high power graphics machine.

1. Sony Vegas Movie Studio which normally very good for video editing runs like a dog with HD footage

2. Windows Live Movie Maker will play the clips just fine and although a bit basic can be used to edit, add music and publish quite effectively (see


3. Ultra Video Splitter from aone software (http://www.aone-soft.com/splitter.htm) is fantastic at slicing the huge 3Gb+ files that the GoPro produced into manageable chunks. You can have it slice by size, time or ratio and it rattles through them very quickly. It also seems very capable of playing the video smoothly where Sony Vegas failed allbeit in a small window.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the tips. I have ordered an 8GB 30mb/s SanDisk (Class 10) which is the fastest that I can find. I will also download the video splitter programme which sounds like a good idea.

I think that it is almost certainly my computer being too slow. I can open the HD files (setting 5 - the largest) in Adobe Premier Elements 4 editing software but they still play back jumpy. In that programme I can then save the file as a different format at lower quality and they play back OK ... but not at HD.

Oh well, I am not going to upgrade my laptop in a hurry due to cost - in any case I need to get a lot better at flying before I start videoing myself...! I will play around at lower quality setting for now unless the tips above solve the problem.



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Graphics cards are more important for gaming where the card actually handles the calculations rather than straight playback. For HD work processor speed is of most importance (aided by multiple cores) backed up with suitable amounts of RAM.

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I have gone through alot of software for the GoPro HD and for a PC the best one is Cyberlinks PowerDirector 8 it does it all, the only problem i have had with it is burning to cd the powerdirector seems to have problems in that area for me and 3 other pc's i have tried it on.

So i produce all my segments/chaptors and transfer them to Nero to burn.

And i use a 32gig sd card from play.com.

Cheers Simon

Revo 32

Cyclone 294cc

(Still in training)

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Ok, been doing a little digging. GoPro dont mention any problems relating to not using the SDHC cards other than things will take longer to start and to boot up etc.

Someone else has raved about the following fixing their GoPro HD problems on the PC:

http://www.videolan.org I use this at work - I think its open source and an alternative to windows media player.

Full link


There may also be a firmware upgrade from the GoPro website you might want to install - may not help this issue but its never a bad thing to have the latest version installed.


From Go Pro HD instructions:


The HD HERO camera is compatible with Microsoft® Me/2000/XP/VISTA or later, or Mac OS X 10.2 or

later. The HD HERO camera can also be plugged into any standard definition or HDTV that has RCA or

component (RGB) ports, allowing for high quality playback.

Windows System Requirements for Full HD 1080p and 720p 60 fps Playback:

• Microsoft Windows® XP (Service Pack 2 or later) or Vista

• 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 or faster

• Direct X 9.0c or later

• At least 1 GB of system RAM

• Video card with at least 256MB of RAM

Macintosh System Requirements for Full HD 1080p and 720p 60 fps Playback:

• Mac OS® X v10.4.11 or later

• 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo or faster

• At least 1 GB of system RAM

• Video card with at least 128MB of RAM

If you are having problems achieving smooth playback on your computer, the HD HERO camera can also

plug directly into any standard definition or HDTV that has RCA or component (RGB) ports. The HD HERO

camera itself provides very smooth playback directly on a TV and when using component (RGB) cables for

HD playback, the quality matches that of playing back on a computer.

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got mine a few weeks back and i find that at 4-5 second intervals the picture seems to speed up and skip a couple of frames? im only running a class 4 sd card but go pro do say that a class 4 is the minimum recommended to use, so it should work fine really. thought it was my laptop but even when i playback direct through the television from the cam unit itself, it still jumps. i will be trying a class 10 card and seeing if that works.

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Thanks for all the tips. I sorted out the problem - I bought an iMac. Not the only reason, obviously!

The footage I took on my camera at the start of the year on the G4 SD card was fine once plugged into the MAC. I have posted the result here. Though clearly off-topic it does show how good this GoPro HD camera is even on the lower definition settings in crap light, so might be useful for someone thinking of buying it.

I will start flying with this on my helmet and make some little paramotoring videos soon!


[/youtubevideo] Edited by Guest
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