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Paramotor School reviews....


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id say a good idea simon, as long as its constructive,

maybe each school given marks out of 10 in respect of:

communication from instructor


kit quality


etc etc...

could even be calculated to give a average school score./ league table.. note the average ( updated bi-monthly say ) to allow for those that you just cannot please... as im sure even in this sport where we are all so nice and friendly, you get the occasional muppet!!

after all, new students spend alot of money getting into this sport, and ( as i was ) can be as "green as grass" when it comes to taking advice / costs of kit and training etc.., lucky for me ... ahem.... it was Gilo that relieved me of my hard earned!

thumbs up from me..

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Not sure how relevant this would really be - for a couple of reasons:

1. Most people will have their choices restricted by distance. If they are lucky enough to have a couple of schools close by they would be better off popping down for an hour or two to spectate and have a chat with the instructors and students there, to get a feel for the facilities and how it is run.

2. Any decent instructor will tailor their teaching style to the individual student, and I'm not sure the average person could evaluate that objectively. I was a full time outdoor coach for 12 years, in well regulated pursuits with a lot of coach training modules. This is a less regulated sport and many of the instructors have gotten into it as a hobby, or have other 'regular' jobs. Enthusiasm & patience goes a long way, but a rating out of 10 may be off-putting for them.

3. Perhaps the most important aspect should be the safety record of a school or instructor ? For them to keep an unblemished record they might have to hold back 'over eager' students, and push the 'slow learners' a bit - which again may affect their rating out of 10.

As the active flying community is fairly small, it is probably easier just to ask advice on here or other forums. I'm still a relative newbie but already know (or have heard of) most of the main people in free flying - although I wish I'd found these sort of forums before I started .... :)

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