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Taking it to the edge....


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Today, RAF col and I had a couple of flights in the morning, did some teaching in the afternoon and then flew again for a 'sunset' flight.

We landed 3 mins inside of the legal max (half hour after sunset)

It was dark, and the stars were starting to come out, I question the half hour after sunset thing and it's safety for us Paramotor pilots.

But that said, we had an awesome hour long flight over a famous persons house it took us ages to get back due to high (but smooth) wind.

That's going in my top 3 flights of the year that one :-)

A mini adventure was jut had :-)


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Oh Yes...Awesome it was :D

But you failed to mention it was also F**king cold, I'm still shivering!

And also big thanks to Mrs W, not only for the homing beacon. But for also mentioning my landing was considerably better than yours :D:D I will take her word for it, cos I didn't see either :shock:

Colin B

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Personaly i think The 30min rule should be a judgement call on the pilot if it is gieeting to dark then you should land even if your 5 min from home.. But being that far from home and being able to see the landing field would make me push on.

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