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Is it a problem to fly on this wing size as paramotor?


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Good day,

I am new in this sport..

I have U-Turn infinity ||| L (100-130 KG)

my waight 100 KG (Pure)

it is not writtin in the U-Turn site about PPG.

is it a problem to fly on this wing size as paramotor?

because I have been told that the wing size(100-130 KG) for paragliding will be more for PPG such as 150 or 160 KG

is it true? and what is your suggesion ?

waiting with many thanks..

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Should be just fine. Whether the wing works well with power I don't know. Some PG wings work well with power, some don't. If you can get someone with motor experience to try it first at a similar weight they can see how it responds to being pushed along from below.

If you look at the PPG Biglist (a US PPG Yahoo group) you will probably find someone on there has experience of this wing under power.

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