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Securing PPG to carrier


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I'm thinking of getting a Bak-Rak carrier to fit on my tow hook to shift my PPG around.

Can anyone who uses this method tell me how they safely secure the paramotor to the rack.

I gather I would need some sort of quick release u-shaped clamps :?:

Where do you buy these from?

Also any experienced based warnings about this method.



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I fitted a ply base-board on my Thule rack, and onto this, screwed some wooden blocks which situate around the bottom edge of my frame. This stops any sliding motion, then a couple of ratchet straps over the top of a strong bit of chassis can pin it down.

If you have a 4x4, or if the rack has an 'A' bar next to your tailgate/boot, then you can use straps (ratchet, or in my case, reclaimed static lap seat belt) to anchor the motor to either the 4x4's door mounted spare or other suitable spot, or onto the racks 'A' frame. If you have tie-downs in your car boot, you can fasten a ratchet strap to these, then route the straps out round the boot/tailgate lip, prior to closing, then nip up tight. Some 4x4's need the back door spare removing before using the rack, as it takes up too much space.

On the Thule, with an 'A' frame, I fastened a piece of plastic drainpipe (50mm ish) horizontally across the 'A' frame, secured with a couple of exhaust pipe 'U' bolts. Where the motor contacts this, foam pipe insulation can be zip tied or taped into place as protection.

Never underestimate how much the motor/rack combo can bounce about, and either secure such that movement can't occur, pad between moving items. or leave plenty of space so the items can't touch each other.

Take care when driving up or down steep ramps, as your departure angle is very much reduced, and you can drag the rack on the ground. If your number plate is on the bottom edge, you'll lose it.

If you want to use the rack on two cars, get self adhesive number plate backing plus numbers and stick them on the back of the other number plate. Swap vehicles, flip plate over.

Tie your prop to stop it spinning, you'll end up being distracted every time it moves in the breeze.

Don't forget protruding bits when you go under low hanging trees, car park entrances etc. Also, remember it's there when you back into a parking space to pick up the bottle of vino on the way home from a great days flying.

School of hard knocks perhaps ;-)


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Phil, that is really useful to know as I am just about to order a Thule EasyBase so I can transport my Macro around. Thanks for sharing it.

I was looking at having a canvas bag made up that can give the unit a little bit of weather protection while it's on the rack and a friend of my wife has a heavy duty sewing machine, so she is coming up with some ideas. A bit over the top maybe, but with the spray that comes up off the back of my car I'm going to need that if we have another typical English summer....

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