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Paragliding in Tenerife


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Best tip i can give is don't bother.

Went there a few years ago, flying is ok but terrain is aweful.

the land is very rocky and the thorn bushes will rip your wing

to bits if you don't have a good precise landing.

There are better places to go to, like Turkey, fantastic flying

and landing on a huge beach next to the bars, also great place

for the family.

Also, Teneriffe twice as expensive as Turkey.

Still, weather well better than UK, hope you enjoy.

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Hi Meds,

I agree with Slapper about the rough terrain but I went flying there a year ago or so and had some great flying.

Give me a call and I can give you good details of the launches / landing fields. It was flyable every day I was there. Yes you need to mind out for the cactuses and half finished building projects but the main landing is over a motorway and a supermarket and is very large / easy.

I did a fair bit of mingling with the local pilots to organise lifts and I found them very helpful.

As Slapper said - It can bite I reckon - my mate broke his leg there (under instruction at the time) but I think its OK if you're briefed on the landing sites.

The best flying (and the place where I was) as far as I know is the mountains above Adeje near las americas.

Couple of pics of me from the main Taucho launch below.

Hope you're good. I'm going flying there in April some time.




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