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Great Gloves


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Just completed two 2hr flights on cold days and had recently bought a pair of the Gin winter alpine gloves.

Although the gloves are a bit pricey they are not over bulky and allow good dexterity and most importantly keep your fingers warm and working.

Five stars from me (they are the ones with 80 gms of insulation).

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I will second pete's post on this one.

I love the Gin winter gloves.

As with any gloves, warm your hands up first. I have been up many times through temps of -12c @ 4000ft and most likely lower than that.

Many times at the flag pole people have landed with cold hands when my hands are just starting to loose the heat.

DO TRY IT before you buy another pair.

Swing your hands around at arms length as fast as you can. This forces warm blood into your hands.

Also ensure your gloves are warm before you put them on (bung them in the dash when you drive to the site with the heat on.

They are good gloves honest! :-)


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Good points about the level of activity. They don't just apply to having warm hands, its.important to.warm the rest of your body up as well. Try some stretches before carrying your kit to where you're laying it out. This should help stop you from seizing up in the air. Also when you've landed its worth stretching out again.

Hopefully this will help minimize injury on launch and landing!


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I too suffer from cold hands (says my girlfriend) :shock:

but more importantly I also do when I fly my paramotor ....so last year I ordered some from paramotor mag...after the usual problems :cry:....(what order) we havent got any left...can you wait till MAY :roll: ....after a lot of waitingl I eventually got my hands on them or should I say in them ....at the start of Feb...Problem solved at least for a hour and a half....because thats how long the batteries last....but that is usually enough in the depths of winter for me anyway...

I can still use the camera with them and they are not as bulky as some of my other gloves .....

they also come in handy just before I go to bed.. :wink: (no more cold hands)

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