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Fusion 20+ MPH at the dyke

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Hi Alan

Most of the time i was on the take off setting but there was a few times when i needed to go out to neutral.

If you are thinking about going out in those sort of condtions make sure you know how to launch in high winds. I had 3 flights two launches were fine but one i got it wrong and was dragged up the hill a fair way before i could get the wing down :oops:

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Hi Morgy.

I have a fusion 29 and I weigh 85kg-ish. My free flying harness and reserve are heavy (must get an airbag harness). So my all up weight with Helmet, clothes and instrument holder must be over 100kg. Top end of the Fusion 29.

Are you on a 26 at the top end for Paragliding?

Also I wondered about letting the trims out too far and using the brakes to steer. This would ruin the reflex of the wing. Would it make it more likely to have a collapse? Plus brakes become harder to use at high trim settings.

I want to go to the long Mynd with the Fusion, but have these few nagging thoughts.



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Hi Mike

I am on a fusion 26 i am about 75kg naked so all up with harness i am around 85--90 so close to top end for free flying. when i have been free flying with the fusion i have never gone past neutral... well i did try and you just go down!!! so correct me if i am wrong but the reflex isn't in untill you go past neutral. so i can't see it spoiling the relfex's stability. As for the brakes yes they do get a little harder to pull but it still handles like a dream and its better than sitting on the hill wishing you was flying.

I have only had two small tip tucks while free flying the Fusion. personaly if i was you i would start off free flying it in conditions you would normaly free fly in just to get used to it as it does behave slightly different to a normal PG wing. dont worry about playing with the trimmers untill you get high you wont need them if your flying with in PG conditions.

The only thing i will add is take off on the take off setting and then if needed trim back to slow.

PS i am still a low air time PPG 20h and have only 70h PG so everything i have said is just my take on it!!

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Cheers Morgy,

I have been out twice with my Fusion but on both occasions there was not enough wind to soar, I am over the all up weight by 10kg on my 29 so I want to see how it behaves.

I recently had a week in Montenegro flying and i used a airwave wing with an all up weight of 120kg so i have something to compare it with I am hoping it will live up to its duel purpose roll on the heavy side if it does i was hoping to book an siv coarse on it.

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I dont think i would do an siv on a new wing! :( esp my Fusion I would use my old PG wing

I am not sure how easy it is to pull in the a's and do a full frotal on a fusion???? I would ask simon what he thinks about how easy it would be to do all the things you have to do on an SIV..

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In my experience high wind inflations on the Fusion are best set to full fast.

Less so if conditions are lighter, ie. closer to neutral or takeoff setting.

I'm @ 105kg free flying and can stand in 40kph with little hint of lift on full fast.

In full fast, inflations are brisk and uneventful. As long as winds are laminar there is little need to damp any surge as reflex profile deals with it. Less so as trimmed in of course, but nothing like a conventional wing where you need ballast to stay grounded on inflation or really quick feet.

I've seen the wing luff and tuck when on full fast in gusty conditions, which isn't surprising given the internal pressure variation.

When this happens, simply trim slower to retain inflation and trim to "getting light" on a ridge, then away with you.

I'm loving the range of this wing.

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