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It soon adds up!


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I have just looked at my flight log for 2010 and was very surprised that it added up to 6 hours and 10 mins so far this year.!!

Bumped up by 3 silky smooth short flights yesterday. :-)

Start as you mean to go on :dive:


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Well what can i say since 11-12-09 i have had 9 flights totaling 11 Hrs , one of them was for 2 hrs and my heated gloves went dead after 40 mins and the return leg was a battle to conserve body heat ie visor down , flight deck lid up sat scrunged up in my seat shivering ,covering 45 miles .

I set of with 12 ltrs and landed with 3ltrs ,winter flying is great if you can handle the cold :D

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Most 9-5 normal working freeflyers will get 25 hours a years on average. Retired freeflyers living in the middle of Wales will get upwards of 150 hours. Comp pilots 'on the circuit' will get over 250.

I think if flying in a group of mates, you will get less flying, than if you fly on your own. This will be mainly due to the necessary and enevitable 'motor' speak.

14.3 hours for me and that's all paramotor so far in 2010. 100.1 hours last year, but that was a mixture of freeflying and paramotor.


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after reading all your blogs my flying hours are quite dissmal, especially with the weather and work. 2, half hour flights this year, one of the flights from the plantation in Basingstoke and one from Simon's garden.

If an angiogram goes well on the 24th and the weather perks up l hope to get many more hours in this spring/summer.

Mike. :)

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