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They say it every year... but here it is again.


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I believe that Mr Jeremy Clarkson is correct......on this one.....in fact I am going outside right now to start up my van, my car, my tractor, my chain saw, my strimmer, the horse box, generator,disc cutter.....and paramotor .....and I am going to run them till the run out of fuel.....then fill them up again and do it again......then later in the month get on a plane and fly to New Zealand......

I am a none believer....in global warming....

.......What about this thought.......they say the sea level will rise when all the ice melts !!!!!!!

everybody knows when water freezes it expands....just ask a plumber....so when all that ice melts the sea water should go down....

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Gary- have to agree with you- the 'ice issue' has plagued me for years... i've been asking people - where is the water going to come from for a 2m increase in sea level or what ever it is? It's a simple experiment any 4 year old can do in the kitchen, fill a glass with icecubes, top up with water until it's overflowing- carefully mop up any water lying around the glass and leave it in a warmish room..... watch the level of the water... most people expect it to rise, as the ice pokes above the glass a bit... but it does fall..... for exactly the reasons you've stated...

The planet is a closed system..... the northern polar icecap is the same... ice floating on water.... A bit different at the southern pole, where there is ice on rock..... but even with this melt... and various other mountainous regions of the world- spread across the worlds oceans..... 2/3 surface area of the planet... and also sub-terrainian ground water.... you are talking a few millimeters at the most....

Increased warming, leads to increased evaporation... increased evaporation leads to increased cloud cover, increased cloud cover leads to less energy being absorbed by the planet (reflection from sun), therefore planet begins to cool again.....

Its all got it's own way of sorting itself out.... been doing it for millions of years..... human influence is a insignificant 'blip' in the history of theplanet... despite our best efforts, etc.... a volcano tomorrow can change the climate for the next 20 years... (Remeber Mt. St Helens in the 80's)

I do agree that particulates/CO2 and NOx emissions should be reduced- don't get me wrong... just spend a few days in any Chinese city with your tonsils intact and you'll see what i mean.


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Dunno about it being the hottest summer but it was the coldest winter for a while..

Provisional figures from the Met Office show that the UK winter has been the coldest since 1978/79.

The mean UK temperature was 1.5 °C, the lowest since 1978/79 when it was 1.2 °C.

Since mid-December cold weather has often dominated much of the country, with spells of snow and very low temperatures. From southern England to northern Scotland, heavy snow caused travel disruption at times through the season.

Overnight temperatures fell to -22.3 °C at Altnaharra, Highland – the lowest UK minimum since 1995.

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