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So here we are a month later, a month onward with little fabric supported upward. My own fault really, I shouldn't move house or have a busy job, that would free up some time... but then there's the money.... hmmm.

I now have a new wing, 34 square meters rather than the miserly 30. Hoping that this will facilitate the low speed handling side, aid takeoff performance and make landing a pleasurable experience. A bucket-load of improved technique is really the trick but that is generally acquired by practice and for that one must first make it off the ground with everything running.

For me return to the air should happen on the 15th of December which will be a glorious day, sun streaming through and between fair weather cumulus with a surface temperature around say ten degrees Celsius?

Until then, stay safe and enjoy the buildup to the approaching season of peace and goodwill.

Kiting my wing when the wind deigns to blow.


As if.... :lol:

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Went to Lambourn on the 15th to fly prior to the Christmas party. Rather breezy with the odd sleet shower, not a bit like the weather we had on order but... there you go.

I kited my new wing and very pleased with it I am too. Noticeably more lift generated from the extra 4sm.

Looking at flying and completing my training before too long if the weather holds across the close of the winter - fat chance but there is nothing wrong with hoping for a crisp clear day when I am home on a big block of days off.

Looking around for somewhere to fly from, a few prospects but these things don't need to be rushed. I will get to know the people first before asking them if I can launch and land next to their prize winning organic cows.

'Hope Christmas went by without a hitch!

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I find cows are really unpredictable with their reaction towards paramotors. There was one field I was flying from last spring which I had to vacate in a hurry when the farmer let the cows in as they all wanted a chew on my wing, then later on in the summer I was flying at another venue where I had no choice but to share with cows and they were completely disinterested.

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Thanks for that Ian, a valuable perspective.

I don't think I would like to share my aviation with cows until I get to the pub. I can enjoy them there with a spot of red wine. I can just remember my gliding days landing out and recall the dubious respect we had for Daisy, Buttercup and Sedge then. :-)

Our local fields are populated with a fair number of dairy cattle, as I say, some from prize winning herds of organic producers so there may be a little sensitivity to disturbance of the little darlings. If I am sensitive to that I stand a reasonable chance of success finding flying fields I reckon. There are a couple of very suitable (fantastic) spots where the potential climb-out lanes are over completely uninhabited land set down to crops. It is just going to take me a little time to generate the right approach.

I have a recent acquaintance who could well become a friend who farms in Dorset, he is a 'balloonatic' and very air minded as well as being an organic dairy farmer. His advice could be invaluable but we will see.

I also have another friend who has land near Bruton and has invited me to fly from, he is no mean aviator and a 'paramoteur' himself so again, we will see.


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